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self-published zine
2022, signed & numbered edition of 18

laser printing (black + color)
softcover binding
48 pages
13 x 21 cm

bonus items
+ 2 mini-postcards

in 2002, I applied to the dffb film & tv school in berlin. we were given an assignment to make a short film on the subject of zwei kampf.

I created a short road movie with my father, titled mein kampf. my application was rejected, but I decided to move to berlin and lived there for one year. during that year, I created several projects under the title of mein kampf, trying to find my own personal aesthetic and way of expression.

the mein kampf project includes:
mein kampf, 2002, israel, video, 04:17 min
mein kampf, 2002, berlin, 32 photographs, 35mm
mein kampf II, 2003, berlin, sketchbook
mein kampf III, 2003, berlin, sketchbook